Monday, October 12, 2015

The 5 Stages of Bedtime

1.  Denial:  It can't possibly be bedtime already.
                   See look how cute and pleasant I am being?!?
                   See LOOK it's not dark yet!

2.  Anger:  IT'S NOT BEDTIME!
                   I HATE YOU!
                   Usually followed by clenched jaw, wriggling, and refusal to get teeth brushed.

3.  Bargaining:   "Mama, I love you!  I sorry, I not hate you!"
                             Followed by: another story, the need for the bathroom, a drink,
                                                   a stufffie, the right blanket, requests for snuggles.

4.  Depression:  Sobbing in bed (with a favorite blanket, a stuffie, and a parent).

5.  Acceptance:  This stage is usually quick and involuntary. The involuntary nature of this stage
                            means we are doomed to repeat all 5 steps tomorrow night.

Good Luck Parents.

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