Sunday, February 24, 2013

There's POOP on my pants, and its NOT mine!

"Sixteen year olds should not be wearing bustiers, morbidly obese sixteen year olds should DEFINITELY not being wearing them.  Where is her MOTHER!"

Overheard: "Why is it that the only kid that doesn't use a toilet is also the only kid that flushes the toilet?"

"The Groundhog's shadow is irrelevant, it snows here in JULY!" (now please get dressed for school)

"I swear, the kid thinks he is doing me a favor by wiping his snot on my shirt!"

If I had a dime for every mile I drive I'd a taxi driver.

Hubby asked, "Hey Honey, wanna become a slum lord with me?" (yes, it was that random)

"That is an impressive booger"

Today I laughed when I noticed this:
Story of my life

Congratulated myself for having all 5 kids to church ON TIME at 8:55am (hubby was working) and I was even wearing makeup!  (the boys had breakfast removed from their faces via baby wipe in the parking lot, but we made it!)

Was told the lace embellishment on my shirt had been mistaken for baby vomit.

Had deja vu of playing Whack-a-Mole as a child at Chuck E Cheese while trying to get boogers out of my baby's nose...

Had some serious chuckles while nursing sick baby, snuggling sick toddler, and watching Curious George:  "But there are some things that a dog has trouble communicating to a monkey!"

Good: Watching your toddler daughter 'nurse' her baby doll.
Better: Watching your toddler son 'breastfeed' his baby doll.

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