Friday, March 1, 2013

Hot Single Dad & the Flirty Produce Guy

When you live in a small town as long as I have lived in this small town you get to know everyone.  It has gotten to the point that if I see anyone that looks remotely familiar I engage in the conversation they initiate, because clearly they remember me, but I can't place them.  I am getting really good at pretending I don't have Mommy Brain.

But every once and a while you run into the same person over and over and you never get introduced.  You aren't friends and probably never will be, but your paths cross in multiple formal settings.  I have started naming these people so I can relate my run ins with them to my husband. 

There is the Odd Couple...
The middle aged gentleman that walks his dog to the park to read the Bible
The older gentleman that walks his wheel chair holding his oxygen tank to the same park
And the amazing day when I realized that the two had noticed what I had noticed... that they were walking the same route at the same time on opposite sides of the street, and became walking buddies.

The mom who has 6 tiny kids, and isn't Catholic or Mormon!

The High School Super Fan Twins, they have been at every high school sporting event for the last 25 years, sporting the same letter-less Letterman's jackets and cheering win or lose.

Then there was Hot Single Dad at PTA meetings.  That's what I referred to him as.  I was not interested in him, he is way too old for me and I am happily married, but that's who he is.  I mentioned him to a single friend of mine, and she knew EXACTLY who I was talking about, because the ladies that worked at the Boys & Girls club that his kids attended also referred to him as
Hot Single Dad!
Sadly his kids have graduated primary school and PTA meetings are super boring now.

Our final candidate today is Flirty Produce Guy at Kroger's.  Turns out my sister and our friends all call him that as well, we have a good time chatting at play dates about our most recent conversations with him and if we managed to score an entire bag of oranges as a sample (just kidding, the most I have ever gotten are two varieties of peaches, 1 piece each).  He is always entertaining as he is a super enthusiastic born again Christian and always works Bible quotes into everything he says.

AND then something remarkable happened.  The girlfriend nicknaming practice crossed over into my husbands world....

He had an encounter with Flirty Produce Guy at work, and since I can't give you details due to the confidential nature of his work, lets just say the ensuing conversation was hysterical and we quickly figured out why this super sweet & flirty guy is divorced.  He is totally eccentric! and not just about religion, sure he is an active member of 4 or 5 local congregations, sure he lives in the middle of nowhere, and  so what if he has a few interesting collections.  (If the Zombie Apocalypse ever happens I know where I can go for protection!)  It isn't one of those things that makes him interesting, its the passion over so many fringe hobbies that makes him interesting.

So do share!  Do you and your girlfriends have any nicknames for the locals? 

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