Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Babies are like Star Fish

As I sat snuggling my baby, trying to feed him some mush, I realized something.  Babies are like Star Fish.  I have made the comparison before, about my toddler stuck to my leg as I cook, but babies are even more like them.

1. They have no qualms about sucking your face off.

2. Their limbs seem to multiply, you get one pinned out of the way, and BAM, there is another one.

3. Their fingers/tentacles are all up in their mouth when they are eating.
Starfish Eating a Mussel

4. They are thickest in the middle, and are easily high centered at this point.

5. They cling to what they want with a force greater than their appearance alludes.

6. They are fascinating to children.

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