Friday, December 5, 2014

Another Officer Falls

Recent months have not been easy on U.S. Law Enforcement agencies.  Across the nation we have waited for the jury to release their decisions on Darren Wilson,  Daniel Pantaleo, and the Cleveland PD Officers.  We pray that the Justice system will seek and declare the truth.  We put our trust in a "Jury of our Peers".  It matters to us because with a simple change in venue the cop on trial could easily be our loved one.

We do not believe the media, instead we wait patiently for released witness statements and autopsy reports.  Because of  the training we see our spouses receive we are able to understand that the actions that appear reckless and in poor form are actually the officer responding to their training.  Trained response based on scientific evidence ie: the time it takes to draw a weapon and fire vs the time it takes for a knife wielding assailant to close the distance between them.

It doesn't take much effort for an individual who has never feared for their life to cast judgements like a Monday morning quarterback.  Cops don't get instant replay.

Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo were NOT indicted for he death's of criminals in their custody because a JURY of their peers could not find sufficient evidence to do so.  There is no police coverup, there are simply witness statements and physical evidence that the Jury uses to make their decision.  They are not paid, they have nothing to gain.  It would have been easier for them to side with the public, but they did not, because (in my opinion) their conscious would not allow them to do so. 

Protesters are taking to the streets demanding justice.  Looters and Thugs are taking to the streets taking the opportunity to be looters and thugs in the name of justice

They demand justice, although, according to our laws justice has already been handed down.  But if that isn't enough there is more, you see if the Michael Brown's of the world don't kill our officers the job alone will.

IF they are lucky enough to avoid a fatal vehicle accident. My husband's patrol car is hit yearly, just driving down the road, people not paying attention (no joke, one woman cited "menopausal moment" as her excuse for running a stop sign and smashing into his car), more miles in the car = more risk of wrecks, that simple.

If  the stress doesn't kill them.  The stress of seeing dead bodies and abused children, talking suicidal Veterans off of bridges on Veterans Day,  a state of constant hyper vigilance, realizing you've arrested the dad of the little boy on your sons ball team, death threats from drug dealers.... and we live a small town.

Then you can always count on life style of the job cutting their life short.  Poor diet and sleep deprivation..  Do you know where the stereo type of Cops and Doughnuts comes from?  I do!   Its because at 4:30am the only place open is the local bake shop.  Nights are cold, a hot cup of coffee is a wonderful thing, and hey, if it happens to come with a doughnut, that's just gravy.  I try to pack my husband a healthy lunch/dinner, but even the best containers have a hard time keeping food hot for 13 hours, and eventually you need hot food.  
When it comes to sleep, it takes 5 days for my husbands sleep schedule to regulate itself back to a 'normal' sleep cycle...but he gets at most 4 days between shifts.  He is always sleep deprived.

So those of you who think Darren Wilson got away with murder, just be patient, your day of justice vengeance will come.  And those who love him will move forward in their devastation, hiding their tears from your perverted joy.


  1. I am giving you the biggest hug right now. There are tons of supporters out there, don't let the media let you think there aren't. I'm praying for your family, just please know there are lots of people like our family who love police officers and respect the work that they do for our communities!! HUGS

    1. Thank you Whitney, for your sweetness! I do appreciate it.


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