Saturday, January 24, 2015

Buzzword: Leggings!

This is me, jumping on the bandwagon*

I teach my boys to respect their body, 
I teach my boys to respect women.

I teach my girls to respect their body, 
I teach my girls to respect good men.

Yes I am a hypocrite.  My boys must respect women.  My girls must only respect GOOD men.

Veronica is married to a GOOD man, she respects him.  She respects herself. She respects God.

I am Team Veronica, well done Sweetheart!  Stand by your man, Stand by your convictions.

*but only partly, I wrote this before I read this.  But I am, because the reaction of Christian women is a huge disappointment.  Since when is supporting your husband a bad thing?  Is making a small sacrifice for your husband really that difficult? Are we so shallow that we can get all annoyed because a woman has chosen to eliminate an article of clothing from her wardrobe?  Shouldn't we all just be grateful we have the choice to do so?  Not just the freedom to choose how we dress but also the luxury of having a closet full of clothes?

A man's physical response to the body of the gender he is sexually attracted to is a chemical issue.  His actions are not, society expects a man to control his actions.  We aren't talking about actions, we are talking about the chemical reaction.  Sexy butt or perky boobs in tight fitting clothing trigger a chemical response in heterosexual men (and from what I've heard even gay men like boobs!). This is what Veronica and her husband are talking about. 

Depression is also a chemical issue.  It predominately affects women.  If a wife, who struggled from depression, sought help and strength from her husband, we would expect him to give that love, help, and support.  If a husband told  his wife it wasn't his problem, that she should learn to control that weakness in her life, we'd all scream and yell about what an insensitive pig that man was.

This is the same thing.  Two chemical issues.  Two weaknesses.  The man is expected to support his wife, but he is not allowed to ask his wife to support him in his weakness, even admitting to the weakness makes him a pervert.

Why the double standard?

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