Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dear Fellow Mama,

Dear Fellow Mama, 
  I was stopped at the sign in the Panda Express driveway.  Dome light on, spearing a piece of Orange Chicken on a plastic fork for my cranky toddler.  It'd been a long week.  Both my toddlers were croupy.  I hadn't slept in days.  And for some unknown reason my body swapped menstrual cramps for panic attacks.  I am not a fan, I'd had two that day, which is the reason for Panda Express.
  You drove up behind me.  I did not notice.  You did not honk.  You did not flash your brights.  You simply drove around, no obscene gestures, just drove around my car and continued on your way.
  Thank you.  Thank you for noticing it was a dome light not a phone that lit the car, and inferring that I was tending to a child, and just moving along.  I noticed your own toddler in the back seat as you drove under a street light. 
A honk would have reignited the tears.  Flashed lights would have flustered me.  Obscene hand gestures would have caused anger.
So Thank you, for being an understanding Mama.

  The (worn out) Mean Mama

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