Tuesday, February 17, 2015

UPDATE: Mirena IUD and GI Issues

It's been a few months since I have finally started feeling better.  Most of my GI issues are resolved.  It took nearly 6 years to peel back all the layers, but for the first time since the birth of my oldest son I actually feel good (still tired, but I can eat without wishing I could vomit).

So here is the breakdown.

Year 1- I wasn't so much sick as terribly depressed as a result of the IUD hormones.
Year 2 - I think my IUD tore through my uterus when my son was between 12 & 18 months of age.
This is when things started feeling sick. But I was so depressed I couldn't really differentiate between the two.  
When my son was 2 I weaned him, my period went from light to chaos.  I was cycling every 13-17 days with cycles lasting 9-12 days.  After a few months of this I said, SCREW IT!  and we decided to take the IUD out and get pregnant.
Year 3 - I couldn't get pregnant and the bleeding continued.  I was working with my OB/GYN, Primary Care Physician (PCP), and an acupuncturist.  I was always nauseous and depressed.
Year 4 - A CT scan revealed that the IUD was floating around my abdomen. It was removed and I immediately became pregnant and found I no longer needed anti-depressants. But I was sick the entire 9 months of pregnancy.

Year 5 - #4 arrived and I thought I was dying, but I survived.  I still felt sick from food.
I tested positive for H. Pylori and was treated, I lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks. But still felt sick.
Diagnosed as having Acid Reflux Disease, by default of a PPI helping alleviate some of my symptoms.  I started training for a marathon and with the running and meds felt decent for about 2 months.  This led my PCP to determine I had a Qi (Chi) Stagnation and I went back to the acupuncturist for a treatment.  Regular treatments and meds helped me survive my 5th pregnancy.

Year 6 - I went to a new acupuncturist (bless his soul) because my regular one was out of town and I felt so sick that I had become desperate for a Qi treatment.
New Acupuncturist has a different approach, and for the first time questioned the high dose of PPI's I was on.  I had mentioned my concern of the high dose only helping the acid issues, and how I didn't really feel like I fit the classic symptoms of Acid Reflux to others, but  he was the first to put it all together and actually test me for acid reflux.
I failed the test.  (read about it here) I don't produce enough acid, so food would just rot in my gut and mimic some of the symptoms of too much acid.
After a few treatments to balance my acid levels, along with taking HCl at meals for 6 weeks I am feeling much better.
Getting the acid issue figured out allowed me to realize that I also have a Dairy Sensitivity, so I cut dairy way back and I feel GOOD!

I hope this helps someone out there to skip a few steps and start feeling better.  Best of Luck to my fellow Mirena IUD sufferers.

Year 7 - I have tested positive for a wheat & egg allergy as well.  Food hates me.  If I eat either in any form my spine and joints all swell.  Its incredibly difficult to even get moving in the morning.  SO painful.  Wheat also affects my ability to sleep.  Its unreal, I will lay in bed all night, unable to sleep regardless of what sleep aids or precautions I take.  I have found that all symptoms are exacerbated by stress.  I drink most of my meals, am moving toward a raw diet.  Not by choice, but by need to function.

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