Sunday, February 22, 2015

70 Toes, 14 Hands, 8' of Hair, 7 Butts and ONE Toilet

We are in the process of converting two tiny bathrooms with less than dependable plumbing into one spacious reliable bathroom.  We are working on it over weekends.  In a few weeks we will be down to one bathroom, MINE, for all 7 people.  Today we had a clogged toilet (toddlers and bad plumbing make this a frequent occasion) and a missing plunger, but the trial run on 1 toilet for 7 butts was a phenomenal learning experience.  We are going to have a nice sit down on Bathroom Sharing before toilet #2 takes a 6-10 day hiatus.

Single Bathroom Rules

1. If you are going to take a long shower or bath you must choose a time that is convenient for everyone else in the house.  Family movie night is a great option, you must of course opt out of the movie night.

2.  You must remove your own hair from the shower/tub.

3. If you are male and need to pee, the yard is your toilet.  If it is below 20* you may pee off the porch so long as you don't dribble on the porch.

4.  The kitchen sink will be available for teeth brushing.

5.  If sister is in the shower and brother is on the toilet (pooping, as peeing will be outside) brother must close his eyes, that is the most privacy you are getting this week.  Sorry Sister.

6. Only Mom & Dad may lock the bathroom door.

7. If the bathroom door is locked, you may go outside, or hold it.

8. If daddy is sleeping in the adjacent bedroom please sneak in and out.

9. If you fight in the bathroom you will be banned from it.

10. Always use the restroom BEFORE coming home.

 If we all follow these rules I predict we will make it through this butt bottleneck.  Thanks!

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