Sunday, March 15, 2015

Disney Princesses get Saved

I am so annoyed with the
"Frozen is the first Disney movie to teach girls they don't need a man to save them" 

 Did everyone miss .....

MULAN when she saved everyone?!?

MERIDA (Brave) when there isn't even a prince to speak of?
Or the Princess (TIANA) & the Frog where they took turns saving each other?
And the Beast didn't actually save BELLE, she just fell in love with him, and her love saved HIM. 
JASMINE kissed the villain in an effort to save Aladdin, (when he was TRYING to save her). Even CINDERELLA & ARIEL  fought to get to their prince, with a great deal of help from their animal friends.
POCAHONTAS  takes a turn saving the very un-prince-ly John Smith.

MAID MARIAN (the Fox in Robin Hood) acts the damsel in distress part very nicely but even she fends off a bad guy or two.

In my memory most Disney Princesses work WITH their Prince through an adventure to their Happily Ever After (except for Pocahontas, which ends with small pox a dramatic farewell. 
The only princesses I can think of that were SAVED by a Prince through no effort of their own are Aurora and Snow White, and they were both under the spell of an evil Queen!

I would be happy to watch my daughters work THROUGH a trial or adventure, with the man they choose to love, towards their own version of Happily Ever After.  Working with a person towards a common goal is bonding, requires communication, hard work, and selflessness, these are all great skills to acquire before marriage.  And more importantly being able to work through hardship BEFORE marriage means you will be able to work through the inevitable hardships IN marriage. 

*this is all from memory and I haven't even watched Snow White so please feel free to nicely correct my mistakes

I was obviously glad when this follow up was created.

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